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I write about culture, transportation, and wellness. Hit me up for Chicago music coverage and social media/brand consultation.

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The Most Annoying Habits Of Record Shoppers

The brave souls who devote their lives to selling records face specific challenges in addition to the usual retail headaches.

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Ka5sh Makes Their Own Hip-Hop Mythos

An interview with an internet famous rapper & meme maker on mental health, being true to yourself, and fucking with the vision.

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Remembering John Walt / Dinnerwithjohn

A memorial for a dearly missed Chicago rapper, singer, and founder of Pivot Gang.

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A.V. Club

Real sugar and tropical flavors give Mexican sodas their refreshing powers

An introductory primer to Mexican soft drinks.

Deville 600 2 article

Mykele Deville's “Each One, Teach One” is a Love Letter to the Next Generation

I profiled a rapper out of Chicago's DIY scene who created an musical roadmap to healing and love dedicated to a young niece growing up on the west side.

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Chicago Streetwear Shop Fat Tiger Workshop Puts Community First

At a time when so many streetwear shops depend on a coastal presence to make their mark — and on selling coveted items like Yeezy sneakers to make their money — FTW is doing something different, and they’re doing it in a way that honors the place where they were raised.

Nicktoons article

Nicktoons in the Trap House – MEL Magazine

I wrote about 90s/00s nostalgia in rap and what it says about youth as a hip-hop status symbol.

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6 Chicago Songs That Changed My Life in 2016

The Store Brand Soda version of a End of the Year List, which is to say not one at all.

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Imagining a Safer Space

The most popular article Store Brand Soda has ever published. It uses the framework of an experience I had at a bar in Austin to examine the larger issue about how abuse in punk is often tolerated due to a lack of concrete policies and staff training at venues and a lack of social consequences for abuse within scenes.

Guernica3 article

The Art is Not The Artist: On Holding Abusers Accountable & Enjoying Problematic Media | store brand soda

I explain my thought process when considering the creative output of an abusive individual, and pour forth conflicted feelings about The Beatles, James Brown, Modest Mouse, Drunkdriver, and Pablo Picasso.

Kanye west mental illness hospital main 1200x800 article

How Should We React to Kanye West?

I wrote about taking trauma and mental illness into account when we discuss Kanye's unpredictable behavior.

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A Spaghetti Dinner with Glamour Hotline « Bandcamp Daily

I interviewed Chicago three piece Glamour Hotline about marketing, friendship, & DIY.

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May Your Fave Be Unproblematic | store brand soda

I wrote about Famous Dex, fandom, and how we react when it turns out artists we've supported have perpetrated abuse.

Festival flu summer health tips main 1200x800 article

The Festival Flu: It's Real, and Here's How to Avoid It

“You’re doing everything right,” my doctor said, pressing a stethoscope to my slouching back. “You’re just really run down.” I resolved to find out exactly why the festival flu was such a powerful opponent, and how I’d defeat it next summer.

Drake diss kid cudi main 1200x800 article

Drake's Kid Cudi Diss: Why It Sucked | Highsnobiety

At its most inspired, Drake’s feelings-centric rap creates soap operatic confections of Cheesecake Factory whipped cream; at its lowest, it takes form of an underhanded shot at a rival’s public struggle with mental illness and addiction.