Freelance writer based in Chicago.

I write about culture, transportation, and wellness. Hit me up for Chicago music coverage and social media/brand consultation.

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Remembering John Walt / Dinnerwithjohn

A memorial for a dearly missed Chicago rapper, singer, and founder of Pivot Gang.

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6 Chicago Songs That Changed My Life in 2016

The Store Brand Soda version of a End of the Year List, which is to say not one at all.

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Imagining a Safer Space

The most popular article Store Brand Soda has ever published. It uses the framework of an experience I had at a bar in Austin to examine the larger issue about how abuse in punk is often tolerated due to a lack of concrete policies and staff training at venues and a lack of social consequences for abuse within scenes.

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The Art is Not The Artist: On Holding Abusers Accountable & Enjoying Problematic Media | store brand soda

I explain my thought process when considering the creative output of an abusive individual, and pour forth conflicted feelings about The Beatles, James Brown, Modest Mouse, Drunkdriver, and Pablo Picasso.

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May Your Fave Be Unproblematic | store brand soda

I wrote about Famous Dex, fandom, and how we react when it turns out artists we've supported have perpetrated abuse.

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5 Queer Albums I Loved in 2015 | store brand soda

This isn’t a ranking, or a definitive list. It’s just what the title says – 5 albums, released in 2015, that discuss queer themes, whether they be overtly political (the destruction of the cis-sexist patriarchy) or intimately personal (the near-universal desire to find someone who loves you).

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Going to Shows Alone: A Roundtable on Living (And Partying) with ...

A discussion I initiated and edited on how to cope with social anxiety at shows.